The Direct Mail Information Service, sponsored to promote the postal medium to advertisers and agencies by Britain's Royal Mail, yesterday unveiled the results of its latest survey.

Covering both consumer and business-to-business sectors, the study assessed results from 1,000 consumer mailings and 806 b2b campaigns. In addition to monitoring response levels, it also examined such issues as whether campaigns exceeded target, what response mechanisms were used and client satisfaction with the outcome of their campaigns.

Key findings of the telephone-based study conducted for the DMIS by Audience Selection are …

* The average response rate to the campaigns tracked was 6.5% (excluding all campaigns that received over a 30% response). Overall, response to consumer mailings was generally better than business-to-business mailings.

* Over half of consumer mailings exceeded target compared to 48% for b2b mail campaigns.

* Over 80% of clients carrying out consumer campaigns were satisfied with the results. This fell slightly to 77% for b2b mailings.

* The most common medium used in conjunction with direct mail is press advertising, followed by telemarketing and inserts.

Says DMIS managing director Jo Howard-Brown: “The results highlight why direct mail is consistently the fastest growing advertising medium - it can enhance product/service awareness, boost short and long-term sales and help build loyalty. It delivers a demonstrable return on investment and, as such, is an increasingly vital weapon in a client’s armoury.”

News source: Direct Mail Information Service