The hitherto rapid take-up of digital television in Britain has slowed to a standstill, judging by new research from Ipsos-RSL’s Digital Audience Research Tracker.

According to the study, 36% of homes access dTV, the same proportion as six months ago. The research involved 2,000 people interviewed between 12 and 18 April – after terrestrial digital platform ITV Digital was put into administration.

The potential for future expansion seems limited: a mere 3% of analogue homes in the study said they planned to make the switch to digital in the next twelve months, while an estimated 13.8 million Britons have no intention whatsoever of turning to dTV.

The most frequently given reason for lack of interest in digital services is satisfaction with the extant analogue offering – a factor cited by 45% of non-digital respondents.

“With the collapse of ITV Digital and the ensuing upheaval and uncertainty in the digital TV market, Ipsos-RSL’s research shows that the nation is not actively progressing towards a digital society,” commented Liz Landy, the firm’s managing director of media. “Understanding what people want out of their in-home entertainment will be ever more important if digital switch-off is to take place before [the government’s target date of] 2010.”

Data sourced from: Daily Research News Online; additional content by WARC staff