Members of the UK Direct Marketing Association can expect the big stick if they persistently fail to comply with the body’s latest code of practice.

Concerned at the bad press the industry has received of late – particularly with regard to environmental issues – the DMA has launched a compliance unit overseen by manager Neil Matthews.

Every member company – client, agency, media or service provider – will be required to appoint its own compliance officer to liaise with the DMA. Matthews will organize a number of best practice roadshows which members’ nominees will be expected to attend.

The body’s present code will be updated to take account of recent technological and legislative changes within the direct marketing business.

Explains DMA compliance director David Robottom: “This move is aimed at benefiting members, consumers and the wider industry by helping ensure compliance with industry codes and legislation and giving best practice a higher profile.”

The DMA did not spell out the consequences of persistent non-compliance.

Data sourced from: BrandRepublic (UK); additional content by WARC staff