The glimmer at the end of the tunnel widened to a discernible beam during the fourth quarter of last year, according to the latest Quarterly Survey of Advertising Expenditure from Britain's premier advertising body, the Advertising Association.

Advertising expenditure in measured UK media was £3,721 million ($5,944.67m; €5,387.03m) in the fourth quarter of 2002 – an increase of 4.9% compared with the same period in 2001, or 2.3% in real terms after adjusting for inflation.

For 2002 as a whole, total adspend in the media covered by the survey grew by 0.8% (–0.8% in real terms) to £13.9 billion, compared with £13.8 billion in 2001.

Among the media covered by the latest report are national and regional newspapers, consumer and business magazines, television, radio, outdoor and direct mail.

Not included at this stage, however, are cinema, the internet, directories and production costs, final figures for which will be available in May when data collection by the World Advertising Research Center is complete.

Interim Q4 2002 ad expenditures by medium are as follows (unbracketed percentages = change at current prices; percentages in parentheses = change at constant prices adjusted for inflation via the Retail Price Index):

National newspapers (inc. supplements)
£498m +3.1% (+0.5%)

Regional newspapers
£702m +2.8% (+0.2%)

Consumer magazines (excl. supplements)
£214m 3.6% (+1.1%)

Business magazines
£278m -5.0% (-7.3%)

£1,691 +1.6% (-0.9%)

- of which display
£971m +0.3% (-2.2%)

- of which classified
£719m +3.5% (+0.9%)

£1,047m +9.8% (+7.1%)

£130m +3.1% (+0.5%)

£188m +15.5% (+12.6%)

Direct mail
£667 +3.9% (+1.3%)

£3,721m +4.9% (+2.3%)

The full survey is exclusively available from the World Advertising Research Center, click here for further information.

Data sourced from: Advertising Association; additional content by WARC staff