Tuesday’s news story about Britain's most valuable brands, as ranked in a survey by Interbrand in association with BusinessWeek magazine [WAMN: 30-Jul-02] omitted to name some of the brands and their rankings. We apologise for this technical error, rectified in the table below.

In our earlier story, we also repeated an error from the original news source, specifically: “The non-banking brands that made it into the tensome are Boots, British Gas, Vodafone and Cadbury.” It is evident from the table that only Vodafone was ranked among the ‘top ten’.

As WAMN explained in the earlier story, the study does not measure consumer perceptions, but instead rates the top brands by calculating the net present value of the earnings each brand is expected to generate in the future. This formula is said to reflect the brand-owner’s ability to charge above market prices or make above average profits.

The figures in parentheses are brand values as calculated by Interbrand, while those within square brackets show their stock market valuation.

Britain's Most Valuable Brands

1. Barclays Bank (£5.99bn) [£28.7bn]
2. Royal Bank of Scotland (£5.69bn) [£44.7bn]
3. Vodafone (£5.45bn) [£63.7bn]
4. Lloyds TSB (£4.59bn) [£32.8bn]
5. Reuters Group (£3.24bn) [£4.07bn]
6. NatWest Bank (£2.98bn) [*]
7. BT (£2.45bn) [£17.3bn]
8. BP (£2.38bn) [£101.0bn]
9. Halifax (£1.84bn) [{£23.3bn]
10. Abbey National (£1.72bn) [£10.1bn]

*part of Royal Bank of Scotland Group

Data sourced from: Times Online (UK); additional content by WARC staff