LONDON: Perhaps indicative that the long-ailing British broadcaster is finally on the road to recovery under recently appointed executive chairman Michael Grade, ITV has announced it will launch a new £20 million ($39.47m; €29.71m) broadband TV venture at the end of March.

Accused by many of being slow off the mark in developing broadband internet services, ITV's new managing director of broadband Annalies van den Belt insists that the timing is appropriate.

Says she: "Until now ITV has just been exploring new media by providing content for mobile phones,. Now it is coming up with a product that sits at the heart of the business and should become part of the commissioning process."

The new online multiplex will transmit flagship channel ITV1 live, plus thirty days of preceding TV content. Almost all of which will be available free-to-view, funded by ads and sponsorship.

There will be some exceptions, primarily sporting content. Currently ITV already broadcasts Champions League soccer matches online at a charge of £1.99 a match.

Data sourced from The Times Online (UK); additional content by WARC staff