Captain of the England soccer team David Beckham, whose commercial savvy matches his famed right foot, has scored his most spectacular goal -- a £40 million ($71.63m; €60.30m) deal as the global face of Gillette.

The deal is hailed by Beckham's legion of business managers as the largest ever in UK personality promotions. But lip-smackin' good though it is for Beckman and his commercial cohorts, the signing trails behind the £70m netted by US basketball star Kobe Bryant from Nike; and the £64m dropped in golfer Tiger Woods' personal bunker, also by Nike.

Gillette, clearly unfazed by Beckham's marital indiscretion -- which recently drove the world's tabloid press to a frenzy of leering excitement -- will presumably adopt a more Draconian attitude towards the soccer star's frequent facial infidelities.

His classic physiognomy, currently clean-shaven, swings in near-Circadian cycles to designer stubble and back again.

Data sourced from: BrandRepublic (UK); additional content by WARC staff