British newspaper The Mirror has unveiled a new look in a £20 million relaunch (€32.7m; $28.7m) seeking to distance the title from its tabloid brethren.

Reflecting editor Piers Morgan’s conversion to ‘serious’ news since September 11, the paper is taking up its original name the Daily Mirror and replacing its red masthead.

“The red-top used to be a badge of honour,” declared Morgan, “but it’s now seen as something sleazy and shameful. We were getting lumped in with [tabloid newspapers] the Sun and the Daily Star. We are removing that barrier to purchase.”

Morgan believes the changes can turn round the Mirror’s declining circulation within a year by taking readers from tabloids such as the Sun (which has over a million more readers but whose sales have dropped more rapidly over the last year), mid-market titles such as the Daily Mail and even broadsheets such as The Guardian and The Independent.

However, alongside “serious news and sport”, Morgan also promised the intriguing concept [and possible oxymoron] “serious gossip”. Mirror readers can look forward to double helpings of the celebrity-obsessed ‘3am Girls’, who get two pages in the new design as opposed to their previous one.

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