According to data from an unattributed source, Britain's largest network ITV has slumped to its lowest ever share of national TV advertising revenues.

The broadcaster’s projected revenue share for December has edged below 52% versus the 55.4% it garnered in January of this year – and the 60% it commanded in 1999.

And while the national TV industry as a whole enjoyed a 2% increase in spend, ITV revenues are down by 6.5% on 2001.Unidentified ‘industry analysts’ attribute ITV’s woes to the success of multichannel rivals such as BSkyB and relatively new terrestrial upstarts such as Channel 4 and Five.

Meantime, masked ‘advertising industry sources’ blame ITV’s revenue decline on the rate at which it is shedding viewers, especially in the yummy 16-34 age group.

During the ten months to October, the network’s share of adult viewers fell by 10.5% to 43.4%; ITV fared even worse with younger viewers, dropping 15.8% within the 16-34 sector. Meantime, cable and satellite homes increased by almost one third to secure a viewing share of 29.4%.

And, according to yet another unidentified ‘broadcasting source’, it’s payback time: “October was a particularly bad month for ITV audience figures and now the agencies are making them pay.”

The veracity of this data is as uncertain.

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