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Brit Voters Indifferent to Political Billboards

News, 06 June 2001

Britons are sceptical that posters are an effective medium for political persuasion, according to research published yesterday by BMRB, the WPP-owned market researcher.

Few voters believe that posters influence opinions about political parties, says the survey, a mere 14% thinking they affect the way people vote.

Newspaper ads fared better in the public view, although under 25% of respondents thought they affected voting decisions. Party political broadcasts on radio and television were perceived as the most successful vote-getters.

Among non-overt party political platforms, the editorial stance of tabloid newspapers was seen as a significant influence on voting intentions, or so 45% of the populace believe. Broadsheet newspapers were also thought to wield political clout, with 32% of respondents saying they could swing public opinion.

Scraping the political barrel were online media, with only 8% of floating voters conceding that views expressed on non-party websites could influence voters.

News source: CampaignLive (UK)