Two aggressive and highly successful Britons, known for their different but equally uncouth achievements, have launched an assault on the US celebrity magazine market.

Former porn baron Richard Desmond, now a publishing tycoon and national newspaper proprietor, has invested a claimed $100 million in the US launch of his successful OK! celebrity magazine format - known for its fawning adoration of actors and other purported celebrities.

As an appropriate accompaniment to the mogul's notorious expletive-ridden outbursts, the launch advertising is in the hands of Trevor Beattie, famed for his sniggering campaigns on behalf of fashion retailer French Connection UK - work that relies on the remorseless milking of a single theme designed to appeal to pubescents the world over: repetition of the chain's initials FCUK.

Says Desmond acolyte, Stan Myerson of OK! Publishing company Northern & Shell: "We have received the most incredible support in the United States, not only from the news trade and advertisers but also from the many celebrities we have approached.

"All of them tell us they have been awaiting OK! USA, with its unique style and celebrity friendly format, for a very long time. Everybody is looking forward to the launch," Myerson smarmed.

OK! USA's ad rates are based on a circulation guarantee of 1.3 million and it will be printed at three different sites: Buffalo in upper New York state; Mississippi; and California.

The publication is already wowing 'em in China, Australia and the Middle East.

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff