NEW YORK: Levi Strauss and are among the brands testing whether social television apps can help them connect with consumers, reflecting the increasing integration between media channels.

Levi Strauss, the apparel specialist, plans to run 30-second television commercials on Showyou, an app allowing users to gather together, share and recommend online videos from across the web.

Julie Channing, director of global digital marketing for Levi Strauss, told the New York Times that this move formed part of a broader effort by the company to create engaging and original content for the internet.

"We thought this was a great way for us to not only test a video platform but also find out what stories our viewers find more interesting and worthy," she said., the recruitment group, is similarly making use of Showyou to run ads promoting BeKnown, its own app for job hunters, a strategy that could enable it to cut through the clutter.

"There is fatigue with traditional banner ads," said Ted Gilvar, executive vice president and chief global marketing officer at "People are voting with their time and attention, and they only give their time and attention to things that are worth consuming."

Levi's and are just two of the brands now leveraging Showyou after it announced a tie-up with OMD, the media agency network owned by Omnicom Group, to conduct an initial trial lasting 90 days.

Other OMD clients invited to stream TV ads around content on Showyou included Doritos and Mountain Dew, both manufactured by food and drinks giant PepsiCo, and Showtime, the broadcaster.

Alan Cohen, the US chief executive of OMD, said: "What Showyou does for us is it allows us to find the space that our clients love where there is a blending of advertising and content. We don't have a lot of companies that say 'Give us 50 banner sites.'"

Showyou, which only recently became open to advertisers, is currently available on the iPad tablet, iPhone mobile handset and Apple TV set-top box, as well as a range of web browsers.

"We're in this age of abundance," said Mark Hall, the chief executive of Showyou, adding that its alliance with OMD will "create something that is elegant and seamless with advertising, which is historically what you've had with magazines and newspapers."

Data sourced from New York Times; additional content by Warc staff