LONDON: Some 9% of search terms entered by consumers shopping on the internet in Europe are related to particular brands, a study by bigmouthmedia across eight major markets has found.

Based on an analysis of 600,000 online searches conducted in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK, the company reports that the average number of brand-specific searches in these countries reached 9.4%.

Germany posted the highest number of brand-based enquiries overall, at 13%, compared with 12% in the UK, 9% in France and Italy, and 8% in the remaining four countries assessed.

The company also found that consumers are increasingly using longer search terms as they seek to track down relevant information.

Entries with one key word accounted for just under 22% of all enquiries, reaching a high of 24% in Denmark, compared with a low of 19% in Italy.

Two-word searches took a similar share, a total that fell slightly, to 19%, for three-word searches, and to 13% for information requests with four keywords.

Italian consumers were most likely to use four-word search terms, doing so 16% of the time, compared with just 10% of their counterparts in Spain.

Data sourced from Marketing Charts; additional content by WARC staff