SAN DIEGO/NEW YORK: Almost two-thirds (62%) of marketers worldwide expect that mobile will account for more than half of their traffic in the next 12 months, yet only a small minority have a defined mobile strategy to cover them over that period.

According to software firm Adobe and Econsultancy, the digital researchers, just one-fifth (20%) of companies and 11% of agencies have a defined mobile strategy for the coming year.

Their report, which was shared exclusively with Mobile Marketer, was based on a survey of 4,166 marketing executives around the world.

"The surprise is still the maturity challenge, where if only 20% have a strategy, that indicates there is a major problem in the organisation, really with the management team," said Ray Pun, Head of Product Marketing for Mobile at Adobe Marketing Cloud.

"Experience is becoming a key strategy," he added. "If your digital experience is lacking, especially on mobile, how can you expect to grow your business?"

Brands certainly recognise the importance of mobile because 60% of global marketers said they plan to increase their mobile investments in the next year, a slight decline from 62% a year ago, and another 38% said they intend to keep their investment at the same level.

However, despite this awareness, the survey revealed that almost a quarter (23%) of brands worldwide, and 19% of agencies, still do not have a mobile strategy in place.

Another quarter (25%) of brands and 27% of agencies said they were currently working on a mobile strategy, while almost a third (32%) of brands and 43% of agencies reported having a strategy in place, but one that is not well-defined.

According to the survey participants, a lack of resources and insufficient expertise within their organisations are among the main barriers to optimising their mobile app presence effectively.

"Folks see that the execution process is a challenge and without a strategy, the investment may not be going into the right place," said Pun.

Data sourced from Mobile Marketer; additional content by Warc staff