BRISBANE, CA: Mobile consumers who view quality branded content are more likely to go on to buy from a brand than desktop users, according to a new study into the effectiveness of branded stories.

Social network Mode Media worked with research firm Nielsen to assess the reactions of a sample of 2,400 women aged 18-44 who viewed native branded stories on the platform.

The study found that purchase intent among those using a mobile device climbed to 24% compared to 19% of desktop users, leading the report to conclude that mobile is more effective because timely and personalised content can be delivered wherever people are. Consumers also can be informed and influenced right away.

In another finding, the report suggested that brand likeability reinforces the potential for natural and immersive brand experiences without the content feeling forced.

On average, branded stories on the site were perceived as interesting (76%), exciting (70%) and natural (66%). However, those same stories were considered by some to be excessive (34%) and forced (31%).

Elsewhere, respondents indicated they were on average 21% more likely to purchase the brands to which they were exposed, while less established consumer brands tested as high as 41% in increased purchase consideration after native ad exposure.

On average, 81% indicated that they enjoyed the content, 75% were likely to view additional sponsored stories, while 63% would share the content with others.

"The one-two combination for branded content success is to combine interesting, helpful, and good ideas with gorgeous creative and credible delivery," said Dan Lagani, Mode Media president and chief revenue officer.

"This study proves that branded content, such as Mode's Native Branded Story, is an elegant way for marketers to engage consumers authentically and at scale, while providing valuable insights to marketers seeking to roll out their own branded content campaigns.

"This is particularly important when reaching millennials, who put a premium on authenticity and creativity, and are inspired by people they can relate to."

Data sourced from Mode Media; additional content by Warc staff