LONDON: Products which feature in branded content on television typically enjoy improvements in both their awareness and favourability ratings as a result, a survey by CNBC and Continental Research in the UK, France and Germany, has found.

The two companies conducted a poll of 316 respondents in the three European countries in question, and discovered that almost a third of participants regarded branded content as being preferable to other forms of advertising.

Furthermore, their study revealed that brands which utilised this medium generally recorded an uptick of 35% in terms of unprompted awareness levels.

Eight out of ten consumers viewed the product in question more favourably, while nearly three-quarters of the sample also stated they would recommend a brand which they had seen via this channel to a colleague or acquaintance.

A similar number said long-term programme sponsorship was a better way to attract their attention than conventional advertising.

The research also analysed the impact of an advertiser running a TV spot during a show where it had some form of placement.

It stated that a third of participants remembered the message conveyed by the relevant ad, while 29% of the panel said they paid more attention to such an execution than they would have done normally.

Some 80% of contributors also argued that a brand shown during a short clip was likely to be more memorable than one in a full-length TV ad.

Paul Maraviglia, CNBC's vp sales, EMEA, said that such a strategy "increases brand advocacy, which is powerful from an advertiser's prospective."

"However, it is for brands with a large budget, as it's a fair investment, but advertisers will get a good return."

Data sourced from Brand Republic; additional content by WARC staff