Campaigns to revitalise established brands headed the list of the most popular downloads among Warc's creative agency clients in 2011.

McDonald's Cannes Lions-winning campaign "There's a McDonald's for everyone" was the most popular paper in all. (For more details about the most popular material featured on Warc in 2011, click here.)

The Leo Burnett-created campaign was developed to help restore UK consumers' affinity with the brand by celebrating their emotional connection with the fast-food chain.

Equally eye-catching was Walkers' "Sandwich" campaign, which took the inaugural Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lion, and was the fourth most popular download for creative agencies.

The theme of revitalising brands was also at work in IKEA's "How IKEA got over itself and became happy inside", Nike's "Nike Grid: Rebooting running for a disengaged generation", and Lloyds TSB's "An extraordinary journey: how a simple idea transformed the fortunes of the UK's largest bank".

Interest in brand strategy also appeared strongly, with a Warc Briefing on brand architecture and a Best Practice paper on brand housing occupying the second and fifth most popular slots respectively.

However, it would be a rare list of most popular downloads for creative agencies that did not include at least some trends-related articles.

This year was no exception: "10 global consumer trends in 2011" was the third most widely read piece among this audience, while "11 media trends for 2011" was the ninth.

Data sourced from Warc