Semiotics, emotional advertising appeals and emerging markets all proved popular subjects among brand owners using Warc this year.

An article on semiotics, in which Nick Gadsby described how advertisers could use an "inside-out" approach to captivate audiences, secured the greatest number of downloads in 2010 where this audience was concerned.

The paper, originally published in the April 2010 issue of Admap, also took fourth for market researchers and second for creative agencies, demonstrating its broad appeal.

The runner-up on the advertiser download charts was another Admap paper, by Phil Worthington of Millward Brown Vietnam.

Research in developing markets: Upwardly mobile argued marketers should avoid treating fast-growth economies as a single mass, and instead reflect cultural, economic, social and technological differences in their communications.

In third was an article which provides Yankelovich analysis of contextual drivers in marketing.

Meanwhile, a Market Research Society paper on "emotional models" and an Admap piece from Guy Murphy of JWT on "brand wisdom" finished fourth and fifth in the rankings.

Data sourced from Warc