HOLLYWOOD, FL: Subaru, the automaker, has seen considerable success from integrating its brands into various content on TV and the web – thanks in large part to following a three-point formula in this area.

Brian Cavallucci, national advertising manager for Subaru of America, discussed this subject at the Association of National Advertisers' (ANA) 2015 Media Leadership conference in Hollywood, Florida.

And he reported that a trio of factors largely shape whether a candidate for media integration is ultimately appropriate for the brand.

"First, we look for ways to incorporate [the] Subaru product organically into relevant content," he said. (For more, including how dogs also shape the firm's strategy, read Warc's exclusive report: Subaru's dogged brand integrations boost results.)

Alongside the desire to see its vehicles assume an authentic position in any content they feature in, another goal involves enhancing any existing messages the company has in the market.

"We want to provide natural and interesting extensions into our brand initiatives," Cavallucci told the ANA delegates.

Building on both these points, the third aim is to identify opportunities where Subaru constitutes a uniquely good fit.

"We also want ideas that are authentic, natural, seamless and uniquely Subaru. If you could 'insert any car here', we generally walk away from it," Cavallucci said.

Oftentimes, he revealed, the proposals Subaru is presented with lack a creative edge and instead fall back on an all too familiar trope.

"What we're all looking for is a good idea," Cavallucci continued. "We want something that's creative. It's got to be unique. It's got to be authentic.

"If I see one more media proposal about a road trip … I think I might throw up on my desk. You have to find something that really resonates with the audience – something that's new.

"But it also has to fit with the brand, not only the partner that's creating the content."

Data sourced from Warc