SAN FRANCISCO: In an alliance of neuroscience, computer technology and big bucks, local company Emotiv Systems has launched a wireless gizmo that can detect around thirty different conscious thoughts, expressions and non-conscious emotions based on electrical signals around the brain. 

Although initially intended for gaming afficionados, Emotiv believes the device, branded EPOC, also has considerable market research potential.

Among the human emotions it monitors and analyzes are smiling, laughing, winking, shock, anger, smirking and grimacing; excitement, meditation, tension and frustration. 

Plus cognitive actions such as push, pull, lift, drop and rotate. In addition, the technology can respond to action based on visualisation, such as the ability to make objects disappear.

Emotiv also plans to offer access to a portal that enables social interaction with other users via chat or community areas - a facility that clearly has interesting MR applications.

Says Emotive ceo Nam Do: "Being able to control a computer with your mind is the ultimate quest of human-machine interaction. When integrated into games, virtual worlds and other simulated environments, this technology will have a profound impact on the user's experience."

The launch mirrors The Nielsen Company's interest in similar technology, recently reported by WARC News.

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff