Underwear manufacturer Triumph International is in talks with a number of agencies with a view to centralising its multimillion-pound European creative and media duties.

Two separate networks are sought by the lingerie firm: one to handle northern Europe; the other to promote the brand in the southern reaches of the continent.

Explained Malcolm Vagg, Triumph International UK’s sales and marketing manager: “It's part of thinking of a more centralised approach to the whole advertising process.” But no decision had yet been made to move from UK incumbents Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners (creative) and BJK&E Media (media): “There are no plans to change the agencies at this time. We're still very early on in the process.”

If it is to gain Triumph’s extended business, DLKW, which has handled the UK duties for over ten years, will invoke its agreement with FCB, allowing it use of the latter’s global network to give it presence outside the UK. Similarly, BJK&E is likely to rely on its network affiliate CIA Medianetwork to give it international reach should it retain the business.

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)