BOSTON, Mass: Turner Broadcasting Systems' promotional stunt of siting flashing electronic devices at key points around Boston may have brought it headlines worldwide - but it also resulted in threats of criminal prosecution from city, transport authority and state police.

Faced with such warnings from city and state authorities, TBS executives were not slow to accept fiscal responsibility for the crass caper that resulted in road closures, citywide traffic snarl-ups, public transit delays and redeployment of public safety services.

The company hastily apologized for its actions - which were intended to promote a cable cartoon show - as did Interference, its New York-based 'guerrilla marketing' agency.

Each has offered to make amends to the tune of $1 million, with Turner waving another million bucks for 'goodwill', to be used to support homeland security efforts in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville.

The real fall guys, as ever, are the minions on the bottom rung of the ladder. Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens, the two so-called 'installation artists' who sited the devices on bridges and other parts of the city's transport infrastructure are now on the receiving end of a felony order and possible jail sentence.

Pity they lacked the two million bucks to buy their way out of the mess!

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff