LONDON: The third round of the European heavyweight media-buying title will be fought in London on 4 April. Having lost the first and second rounds in June and November last year, contender Bruiser Bolloré, with Havas acting as his cornerman, will battle it out again against Aegis Group's Rowdy Robert Lerwill.

French corporate raider and Havas chairman Vincent Bolloré currently holds a 29% stake in the UK-headquartered media buying and research group - just one per cent below the level at which UK company law requires him to mount a fullscale takeover bid.

Instead, the canny Frenchman hopes to win the championship without going that extra, expensive mile by shoehorning two placemen - Roger Hatchuel and Philippe Germond onto the Aegis board.

A motion to that effect, sponsored by Bolloré, will again be put to an extraordinary general meeting of the company next month. Meantime, the Aegis board has written to all shareholders urging them to vote against Bolloré's proposal.

The odds, according to the bookies (aka analysts), still favour Rowdy Robert.

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff