Digital terrestrial television is back in the UK, courtesy of newly launched platform Freeview, though Britons could be excused for not having noticed.

Freeview took to the airwaves Wednesday with a decidedly low-key launch, accompanied only by a few media interviews given by executives from its two backers, the BBC and BSkyB.

The service differs from existing pay-per-view digital fare by offering thirty channels free of charge once consumers have bought a television set-top box for £99 ($154; €157).

Freeview is built on the wreckage of failed platform ITV Digital. Indeed, the estimated 2 million set-top boxes still in the hands of ex-ITVd customers provide it with an immediate potential viewer base – though the defunct platform’s liquidators are seeking ways to get them back.

The promotion starts in earnest next week, with a £5 million ad campaign created by DFGW breaking November 4.

Data sourced from: various sources; additional content by WARC staff