According to the New York Times, Wednesday, an unpleasant new email virus is going the rounds. According to one anti-virus specialist, Network Associates, over 100,000 of its customers’ machines had already been infected.

The Goner virus (more accurately a ‘worm’) arrives attached to an email, then seeks and deletes a number of programs on a victim’s hard disk, among them internet security programs such as ZoneAlarm. As always, users of Microsoft’s Outlook and Outlook Express are most at risk, as the worm invades the programs' address books and replicates itself to all those listed.

Watch out for an email message that reads: “When I saw this screen saver, I immediately thought about you” and/or “I am in a harry [sic], I promise you will love it!” Attached is a file named Goner.scr. Open it at your peril!


We’re unsure if this one is making its debut or is an old nasty in new guise. WAMN editor’s PC has been under attack by the same virus five times in three days.

It arrives each time from a different source, although the email message line is the same: “”. The attachment is named w32.badtrans.b@mm.

The WAMN team