New “micro-moment” media opportunities, the evolution of online video and the rise of the connected consumer were all tech and media trends that caught the eye of Warc subscribers in 2016.

Warc’s annual ranking of its most-read papers shows that Strategy in 2016: Moment marketing was the most-read trends article of the year. The article, taken from the Warc Toolkit 2016 report, looked at growing interest by marketers in identifying and targeting 'moments'.

It found that many brands are seeking to identify specific 'micro-moments' – brief opportunities to put the right message in front of the right consumer, which may require sophisticated data analysis.

Next on the rankings in second place was another Toolkit chapter. Content in 2016: The video revolution looked at the proliferation of online video formats. If found that the number of video properties and formats is rising quickly, with YouTube's dominance coming under pressure from Facebook and other social media platform.

In third, Tech Trends 2016: Understanding the driving forces behind the connected consumer, produced by market research firm GfK, examined ten tech trends that will impact brands, business and connected consumers in 2016 and beyond.

Among the top trends predicted by GfK in the article were invisible analytics, virtual reality, online video and artificial intelligence.

Two other Toolkit chapters completed the top five tech trends papers of the year on Warc. Media in 2016: The digital backlash suggested that digital marketers are facing a rising threat of backlash from concerns around viewability and ad fraud.

Meanwhile, Data in 2016: Data-driven creativity suggested that data can fuel better creative output in several ways, for example, programmatic buying allows brand-building creative to be tailored to audiences at scale, and campaigns or platforms are being built around real-time data feeds.

Data sourced from Warc