Video was uppermost in the thinking of Warc readers when it came to content marketing in 2016, as existing platforms continued to grow their reach and new platforms opened up more potential for targeting.

Content in 2016: the video revolution, a chapter from Warc's Toolkit 2016, explored the growing number of video platforms available to marketers, the need to develop a framework to address these and the likely impact of programmatic buying in this area.

The second most-read article came from Admap: 10 new rules for content marketing offered guidance on how to stand out from the crowd with purpose-driven content that is relevant and engaging.

A Warc Best Practice paper took third spot. In How to develop an effective YouTube content strategy, expanded on the ‘Help, Hub, Hero' strategy highlighted in Toolkit 2016.

Next was advice from VICE. Creating content for Millennials: The VICE Playbook introduced publishers to the idea of a 31-hour day, as so many of this demographic consume VICE material when they are supposed to be working – time that publishers have previously assumed to be off limits.

The fifth most-read article addressed the sharp end of business. Another Admap article, Content marketing: Create content that sells product, looked beyond bite-sized content that keeps people entertained to how brands can more effectively deploy content as part of the purchase journey.

Data sourced from Warc