Soon marketers will want to understand Gen Z better, but, for now, Gen Y – Millennials – are getting most of brands' attention, as they seek to understand the media and spending behaviours of the first wave of digital natives.

Warc's most-read article of the year about Millennials was a chapter from the Toolkit 2015 report – Consumers in 2015: Millennials take centre-stage – which explored why young consumers have become a focus for marketers, and not just for the obvious reason that as this group ages it is acquiring greater spending power.

Millennials are the first wave of digital natives and have a distinct media profile, with the Toolkit noting that, for Millennials, TV drives engagement, while digital provides reach and frequency.

In second place, The shopper of the future: How today's young shoppers see tomorrow's shopping experience highlighted the fact that young shoppers expect to be able to choose where they shop and for the omnichannel experience to be seamless. Physical stores will remain relevant but retailers will need to focus on how they differentiate their offer, the paper argued.

The third most-read was Getting close to youth: Understanding Millenials' themes of life to create Gen-Y-proof brands. This ESOMAR paper reported that millennials do not have boundaries for time and place and that, to be "millennial proof", brands have to do more than just send messages.

Get Millennials' attention, the fourth most-read article on this age group, proposed nine methods marketers can use to grab the attention of young people, who are harder to interest as they are used to multitasking and are easily distracted – partly due to patterns of technology use.

The fifth article focused on loyalty. Loyalty and Millennials observed that the Millennial demographic is much more independently minded than older generations when it comes to brands – more prepared to switch, and constantly seeking better and simpler services.

Consequently, brands wanting to sell to them will have to look to deliver exceptional products and services that are relevant, personalised and adaptable.

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Data sourced from Warc