Warc subscribers looking for information on tech trends have tended to focus on papers dealing with innovation and social media.

Sitting on top of the list of most-read tech trends papers of the year was The Innovation Casebook 2015, a Warc report analysing trends in the winning case studies of the Warc Prize for Innovation.

This drew out lessons for marketers to develop their own innovative marketing campaigns, including adopting a "challenger" mindset by placing limitations or constraints on the resources available.

In second place was 15 technology trends in 2015, in which the challenges posed by new technologies were assessed, along with the implications for brands.

Counter-intuitively, "conspicuous isolation" was one of these trends – as people facing unrelenting digital saturation take steps to disconnect and go "off-grid".

The executive summary of Warc's annual Toolkit made an appearance in third place. Toolkit 2015: Six major marketing trends for the year ahead included the need for an agile strategy, how to reach Millennials, how best to leverage social media, creating a joined-up consumer experience, aligning creative development with programmatic strategy and the use of neuro techniques to improve ad effectiveness.

The Toolkit chapter on social – Social in 2015: Five strategies for success – was the fifth most read piece on tech trends.

This observed a shift away from building communities and highlighted five possible ways in which marketers might utilise social while also noting the amplification effect that Twitter brings to TV.

The top five was rounded out by another Warc annual, in fourth place. In Warc Trends: Seriously Social 2015 - How social strategy can drive business results, Peter Field analysed the shortlist of the Warc Prize for Social Strategy 2015 and offered up four takeaways.

These included the need for paid social as organic reach declines, the importance of originality for campaign success, a focus on customer acquisition rather than retention and the advice that social-led campaigns should be linked to between three and five other channels for maximum effectiveness.

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Data sourced from Warc