Warc's own reports proved popular with subscribers looking to understand consumer trends during the past year, according to an analysis of the most-read articles of 2015.

But the top article on this area came from a specialist company: Trendwatching's 10 consumer trends for 2015 identified three cultural shifts driving changes.

These trends included the on-demand mindset, expectations of brands to do good, and digital-fuelled social connections, all of which are set to stay relevant in the coming year.

The second most read was a chapter from Warc's Toolkit 2015 – Consumers in 2015: Millennials take centre-stage – which explored why Millennial consumers have become a focus for marketers, and not just for the obvious reason that, as this group ages, it is acquiring greater spending power.

Millennials are in the first wave of "digital natives" and have a distinct media profile, with the Toolkit chapter noting that it could be argued that for Millennials, TV drives engagement, while digital provides reach and frequency.

The executive summary of the Toolkit made an appearance in third place, while another chapter, Shopper marketing in 2015: Total Retail, was in fourth.

This chapter looked at how brands are exploring new ways to combine online and offline retail and create a joined-up customer experience. The report noted a renewed appreciation for offline, as it develops into a space where brands can combine a brand experience with customer service. And tech developments such as beacons may offer ways to enhance the brand experience within stores.

Asia Strategy Report: Insights from the Warc Prize for Asian Strategy 2014 took the fifth spot on the list of most-read consumer trends papers.

Cultural insight remains key to Asian marketing, the paper advised. It also found that Indian strategies tend to deliver more 'hard' business metrics than those from other Asian markets, and have a distinct media approach and creative culture.

For more details about the most read papers on Warc in 2015 on other topics, visit our Most Read page.

Data sourced from Warc