The future of shopping and shoppers featured prominently among research articles read by Warc subscribers during 2015.

Topping the most-read list of research papers for the year was The shopper of the future: How today's young shoppers see tomorrow's shopping experience.

This report highlighted the fact that young shoppers expect to be able to choose where they shop and for the omnichannel experience to be seamless. Physical stores will remain relevant, but retailers will need to focus on how they differentiate their offer, the article added.

The second most-read research paper was Getting close to youth: Understanding Millenials' themes of life to create Gen-Y-proof brands. This ESOMAR paper reported that millennials do not have boundaries for time and place and that to be "millennial proof" brands have to do more than just send messages – providing provide relevance and having a social purpose are also required.

The third most-read article was a piece penned by comScore's Gian Fulgoni for the Journal of Advertising Research. In Omni-Channel Retail Insights and the Consumer's Path-to-Purchase: How Digital Has Transformed the Way People Make Purchasing Decisions, Fulgoni argued that a consumer-centric focus is vital and that marketers need to create consumer-friendly digital tools and environments that clear the way for the path to purchase.

The fourth most-read research article focused on a different area. We are what we eat: Healthy eating trends around the world analysed body image perceptions and eating trends and reported that, globally, consumers are cutting down on fat and eating more natural and fresh foods.

Grocery shopping trends were to the fore in the fifth most-read research paper. The future of grocery: E-commerce, digital technology and changing shopping preferences around the world highlighted a blurring between physical and digital shopping and a continuing trend towards shoppers favouring convenience formats.

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Data sourced from Warc