The most-read article on Warc during 2015 relating to luxury marketing explained that local, national and cultural factors outweigh economic indicators in shaping perceptions of luxury.

Research carried out by Saatchi & Saatchi, outlined in New models for luxury marketing, plotted cultural hierarchies and masculine/feminine cultures by region to create distinct luxury models that can be used for scenario planning and modelling for innovation.

The second most-read article was a commended entry to the WPP Atticus Awards. Culture Vulture, Luxury Edition 05 noted how the concept of luxury is shifting away from products towards experiences and described ten cultural dynamics driving this evolution.

In third place, Luxury marketing: 5 ways to market prestige brands addressed the thorny issue of how to use digital and social media to build proximity to consumers whilst at the same time maintaining distance in an "unselling" strategy.

The Brand Challenge: Luxury branding, in fourth place, was an extract from a book by branding expert Jean-Noël Kapferer, in which he put forward five 'anti-laws', where the usual rules of marketing do not apply to luxury brands – such as discontinuing a product when it sells too much.

The fifth most-read piece on the subject compared luxury brands with art. Luxury brand marketing: The art of luxury pointed out that both avoid rational justifications for their existence, but inspiration, individuality, skilled production, level of difficulty and uniqueness are common to both.

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Data sourced from Warc