Trends, millennials and innovation were all high on the list of subjects Warc subscribers were reading about during 2015.

The most-read paper on Warc for the year was 10 consumer trends for 2015, which identified three cultural shifts driving changes. These included the on-demand mindset, expectations of brands to do good, and digital-fuelled social connections, all of which will continue to be relevant in the coming year.

The second most read paper was a chapter from Warc's Toolkit 2015 – Consumers in 2015: Millennials take centre-stage – which explored why Millennial consumers have become a focus for marketers, and not just fort the obvious reason that as this group ages it is acquiring greater spending power.

Millennials are the first wave of digital natives and have a distinct media profile, with the Toolkit noting that it could be argued that for Millennials, TV drives engagement, while digital provides reach and frequency.

In third place on the most-read rankings was The Innovation Casebook 2015, a Warc report analysing trends in the winning case studies of the Warc Prize for Innovation.

This paper drew out lessons for marketers to develop their own innovative marketing campaigns, including adopting a "challenger" mindset by placing limitations or constraints on the resources available.

The fourth most-read article was 15 technology trends in 2015, in which the challenges posed by new technologies were assessed along with the implications for brands.

Counter-intuitively, "conspicuous isolation" was one – as people facing unrelenting digital saturation take steps to disconnect and go "off-grid".

Another Toolkit chapter took fifth place. Strategy in 2015: Agility versus the 'big idea' discussed the notion that marketers are increasingly using data to drive an agile response to consumers at the expense of more traditional strategies that look to "big ideas".

Strategic ideas may become closer to long-term "guide-rails" for brands over time, allowing communications (and, indeed, product development) to evolve without the need for a replacement 'big idea' every few years.

For more details about the most read papers on Warc in 2015 on other topics, visit our Most Read page.

Data sourced from Warc