For several years, marketers have been advised that if they're not already addressing mobile then it's high time they were, so it comes as little surprise that some of the most-read articles on Warc during 2015 have been around mobile trends and statistics.

Every year, digital agency We Are Social compiles global and regional statistics across mobile, social and digital. The executive summary of the main report was the most-read article on mobile of the year, while the report itself – Digital, social and mobile in 2015: We Are Social's compendium of digital statistics – came in fourth place.

The second most-read paper on Warc that dealt with mobile was a report from January's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Mobile and media trends from CES 2015 was based on the views of several leading advertising executives who attended the event.

They concluded that smartphones will increasingly be at the centre of all consumer media experiences, meaning marketers must factor these devices into their strategies.

If that was an uncontroversial observation, the same could not be said of the third most-read article – Mobile apps are the future of media – which argued that brands need to move from channels and sites to apps on various platforms.

The trend towards apps is reversing the media fragmentation of the past few decades, it said, implying a return to advertising at scale.

Finally, the fifth most-read mobile paper, The Reach and ROI of Mobile and TV, explained how GfK developed a cross-media measurement tool to compare the impact of TV and Facebook ads on sales.

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Data sourced from Warc