The dividing line between advertising and content, ad land's trend towards specialisation and the question of what planners should call themselves were all issues covered by the most-read blog posts on Warc this year.

Heading the list was Paying Attention, in which Faris Yakob, co-founder of Genius Steals, offered brands advice on how to invest in content.

"If a brand is going to embrace content, it needs to commit significant time and resources and assume that some things will fail to make much impact," Yakob argued, adding that prior evidence suggests that the most effective ads of all are those with "little or no" rational content.

Warc's second most-read blog of the year was from Gareth Kay, whose post, Marketing is specialising into irrelevance, called for "the return of the informed generalist", instead of the prevailing industry trend of marketers offering more and more specialist, and fragmented, services.

In third place was adam&eveDDB's Les Binet and Sarah Carter, who decried The obsession with 'granular' data. Ever-richer data sources from brands, they argued, are "dangerously seductive" and can stifle the long term thinking so essential to ultimate brand success.

The next most-read blog post tackled a very different issue: the shift from "planner" to "strategist". Many of the same agency workers are changing what they are calling themselves, argued Heather LeFevre in her post, When did planners start calling themselves strategists?

LeFevre herself has recognised the change: for the past eight years, she put together an annual poll of her peers called The Planner Survey. But, this year, she has changed its name to The Strategist Survey, reflecting the general shift in the industry.

Finally, in fifth place on the top blogs rankings, Eaon Pritchard's The Dunning-Kruger Peak of Advertising, adapting the famous psychological concept of the "Dunning-Kruger Effect" to the ad industry.

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Data sourced from Warc