Papers covering social media trends remain popular among Warc subscribers, but an analysis of the most-read articles on the topic for 2015 shows that business results from social campaigns is also becoming a major concern.

Heading the list of top social media papers of the year was Warc Trends: Seriously Social 2015 - How social strategy can drive business results. In this report, Peter Field analysed the shortlist of the Warc Prize for Social Strategy 2015 and offered up four takeaways.

These included the need for paid social as organic reach declines, the importance of originality for campaign success, a focus on customer acquisition rather than retention and the advice that social-led campaigns should be linked to between three and five other channels for maximum effectiveness.

In second place was a chapter from Warc's annual Toolkit. Social in 2015: Five strategies for success observed a shift away from building communities and highlighted five possible ways in which marketers might utilise social while also noting the amplification effect that Twitter brings to TV.

The surprise-generating machine: Fresh predictions for the digital revolution appeared in Market Leader and considered the future of mobile and cheap smartphones, WiFi across towns and villages and YouTube as a 'how-to' resource for everything and everyone.

It also suggested that today's big tech brands will lose consumer confidence as the digital revolution brings a radical democratisation of power and access to international markets.

Every year, digital agency We Are Social compiles a report of key social, digital and mobile statistics from around the world. Digital, social and mobile in 2015: We Are Social's compendium of digital statistics – came in at number four on the most-read social media papers list.

A Warc Trends Snapshot on Dark Social rounded out the top five.

The title describes web traffic that is not attributed to a known source, such as links shared by individuals with friends on private social platforms or by email and which is a significant gap in marketers' knowledge.

But there are steps they can take, including adding sharing buttons to pages, using link shortening services and using data to understand which topics create peaks in dark social.

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Data sourced from Warc