Roderick White (pictured) the former editor of Admap magazine and author of most of WARC's Best Practice papers, topped the list of the most downloaded authors in every region in 2008.

And while a high position on these lists does to some extent reflect the relatively high output from the authors in question, differences still emerged between the most downloaded authors in various regions.

For instance, Joe Mandese, Admap's US-based columnist, proved more popular among WARC Online users in Asia Pacific and the UK than the US.

Similarly, Peter Field – another regular contributor to Admap, though this time based in the UK – proved almost as popular in the Asia Pacific region as he was in the UK.

The contributors to the Gale Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns were collectively well represented in the figures for each region. However, the individual spoils were not evenly distributed.

Gale writers Kevin Teague and Mark Lane were among the top ten most downloaded authors in each region, but their colleagues, Rebecca Stanfel and Ranya Bailey, featured less often (only in the Asia and US for Stanfel; US only for Bailey).

The lists featured a notable showing too for Geoffrey Precourt, WARC's US editor, who was among the top ten most downloaded authors in each region despite only joining WARC Online half way in to 2008.

Data sourced from World Advertising Research Center (