Conscious perhaps of the ancient adman’s maxim, ‘If the Client is Refractory/Include a Picture of his Factory’, Bertelsmann’s ad agency FCB Worldwide, Berlin, has featured client chairman-ceo Thomas Middelhoff and chief creative officer Rolf Schmidt-Holtz as the leads in a Star Trek-style German print ad.

Boldly going where few prudent executives have previously ventured, Middelhoff and Schmidt-Holtz are shown as space travellers waiting to be beamed-down from the transporter chamber of Starship Enterprise. The scene is captioned: “We pursue big ideas - no matter where they lead us.”

Continues the copy: “If you have an idea which may move the world, Bertelsmann Content Network (BCN) is the right partner. We have the know-how and means to realize your vision." The ad signs off with Middelhoff and Schmidt-Holtz’ email addresses.

Launched in July 2000, BCN aims to foster co-operation between the media group’s content-oriented divisions. Its objective is to create new businesses, identify new markets and deliver content specific to defined consumer targets. To date over three hundred project ideas have been examined and some implemented, Bertelsmann says.

The campaign, which will run until June, appears in national daily papers and news weeklies Der Spiegel and Focus. The legion of business magazines published by Bertelsmann-owned Gruner & Jahr are also dutifully featuring the ad.. The campaign could roll out to other core markets in due course.

News source: Advertising Age - International Daily