LEVERKUSEN: Bayer, the pharmaceutical giant, will "greatly strengthen" its focus on umbrella branding in an effort to engage consumers and boost the value of its portfolio.

The company, which makes Aspirin, Canesten, Supradyn and Rennie, has announced it will take a more streamlined approach to marketing at the corporate level.

It will rename various aspects of its operations to ensure complete consistency, such as replacing the title "Bayer Schering Pharma" with "Bayer HealthCare".

"We have thoroughly analysed our brand portfolio and found that the diversity of brands in the Bayer Group has diluted the umbrella brand," said Dr Marijn Dekkers, chairman of Bayer's board of management.

"Our goal is to significantly increase the value of our brand portfolio by concentrating on the umbrella brand and our product brands."

The German firm's objectives in pursuing this strategy include enhancing its profile and boosting popular awareness among shoppers, an area which has been neglected so far.

"The Bayer cross enjoys world renown and has an excellent international reputation that we will continue to build on in the future," said Dekkers.

"The association of high-quality product brands with the brand icon 'Bayer' creates trust and loyalty and thus improves the company's competitiveness."

"We are sure that the global perception will benefit from our focus on the 'Bayer' umbrella brand."

Data sourced from Bayer; additional content by Warc staff