Rosie Boycott, gutsy former editor of The Independent and current incumbent of the Daily Express, put her job on the line in a furious email to the paper’s new owner, Richard Desmond of Northern & Shell, which acquired Express Newspapers last month [WAMN: 22-Nov-00].

Her missive accuses Desmond of destroying the trust and relationships she has built up in the editorial department with his bulldozer management techniques, among them the firing of sixty editorial staff including three pregnant women and a researcher disabled in a car crash and promised a job for life by the paper’s last proprietor. Boycott emphasised her dismay over the redundancies which she described as the "trashing of lives".

Desmond’s management skills, honed as publisher of such titles as OK! magazine plus Asian Babes and other top-shelf scrapings, has led to a number of protest resignations, including those of Peter Hitchens, columnist for 24 years, and home affairs editor David Taylor.

Insiders are counting the hours before Boycott’s editorial chair is occupied by another. The floorsweeper at Sunday Sport is said to be hotly tipped.

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)