Barclays Bank is again to put its £22 million centralised media account up for review, having abruptly terminated a similar exercise last autumn.

The bank has commissioned the Advertising Agency Register to draw up a shortlist which will include incumbent of four years MediaVest. As yet, it is uncertain whether the review will embrace Barclays’ Woolwich and Barclaycard units.

The review will take place under the eagle eye of Barclays’ new head of marketing Adrian Batt who, as the former marketing director of Barclays’ roster shop DMS, knows a thing or two about the noble and ancient art of pitching.

Barclays aborted its previous media review after realising that there would be insufficient time for the successful shop to enter the 2001 round of negotiations with TV companies and other media. The decision to postpone is also likely to have coincided with Batt’s appointment.

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)