Cannes, the French Riviera watering hole famed for luxury yachts, movie festivals, topless starlets, paparazzi – and the annual influx of adfolk attending the International Advertising Festival – could be about to bid au revoir to the latter if a number of contentious issues between city officials and festival organizers are not resolved .

While negotiators eyeball each other over a raft of administrative and legal conflicts arising from the five-year contract inked last year, emissaries from the International Advertising Association are assessing the rival charms of Europe’s most dramatically revitalized city, Barcelona, alongside the antiquarian appeal of Venice.

Neither camp would discuss the dispute with AdAge Global, despite persistent calls. Commented the publication with a seeming tad of relish: “Losing the ad festival to another European city would be an ironic twist of fate for Cannes, where the recently elected mayor is none other than longtime French ad industry executive [and vice-chairman of DDB Worldwide ] Bernard Brochand.”

News source: AdAge Global