LONDON: UK satellite television monopoly BSkyB says its publicly-funded broadcasting rival, the BBC, should not be allowed to spend money on imported US TV series or Hollywood movie blockbusters.

The News Corporation-controlled business told media regulator Ofcom's review of public service broadcasting that the BBC should instead focus on areas the market is not well-served, "where there is a real deficit in provision".

In addition Sky argues that the commercially-funded but state-owned Channel 4 has "considerable scope" within its existing business model to plug its claimed funding gap.

C4 has been complaining long and loud that it expects a £150 million ($299m; €189m) shortfall as a result of digital media expansion and dwindling advertising revenues. It is asking for public money to help it fulfil its PSB obligations.

BSkyB offers a solution in the form of "options for developing subscription channels, thereby tapping into a new source of revenue growth".

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff