STUDENTS OF ANTHROPOLOGY will be aware that few species tend to cannibalism. One exception, however, is the genus media mogulis, a voracious predator prone to savage attacks on others of the same species it suspects of withholding its favourite food - the pound sterling. Occasionally, media mogulis, deranged through in-breeding, is even known to turn on itself. Such an example is Gerry Robinson, the recently appointed Arts Council supremo, whose day job is chairman both of BskyB and of Granada. The former Robinson has issued a High Court writ against the latter Robinson for failing to divvy-up half of the £70 million compensation due to BSkyB for its withdrawal from the British Digital Broadcasting consortium [a condition imposed by the Independent Television Commission to preserve the facade of competition in the UK TV market]. Janus Gerry is also suing his ex-BDB partner Michael Green of Carlton Communications for the other half of the loot. The writ has yet to be served. [Can't Gerry locate Gerry?]