A new government report asserts that the UK leads the world in online transactions between companies, their customers and suppliers. This contradicts another recent study by Price Waterhouse Coopers which lauds Germany as European champion in the online league.

The government’s figures show that more British businesses – employing in total 27% of the UK's workforce – now use the internet. This, the report avers, is a higher percentage than anywhere else in the world.

Technological advances are not confined to the cities, says the study, and companies across the all the UK’s regions are embracing the internet.

In volume terms, the report claims that the UK equals the USA, Canada, Germany and Sweden in the amount of business conducted online.

But critics of the report will not want for ammunition: the government‘s definition of an ‘online’ company rests on whether or not the company sends or receives occasional email.

News source: BBC Online Business News (UK)