According to the latest survey from internet monitoring specialist Forrester Research, Britain boasts the largest online advertising market in Europe – about half as large again as Germany.

"The German online ad market is significantly smaller than we thought," said William Reeve, Forrester’s group director of European data products. During June, German web advertising totalled $7.53 million compared with $11.27m in the UK.

Observed Reeve: "German media companies and advertising agencies have greatly exaggerated the size of the market, estimating that firms would spend upwards of 500 million marks (£161m) on online advertising this year. But that figure will be much nearer 300 million marks (£96m). In the UK, Forrester expects online ad spending to be nearer £129m."

Many expected pan-European online campaigns did not come to fruition: "Advertising is still relatively local, even on the internet," commented Reeve. "The same sort of logistical problems that stymie cross-border offline campaigns also apply to the online world."

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)