BRUSSELS: BMW, Nivea, Lenor and Dove were among the big winners at the EACA Euro Effies 2009 last night, taking four of the seven Golds handed out at the annual awards ceremony, which aims to recognise the most effective campaigns run across two or more countries in Europe.

Overall, 15 campaigns received prizes at this year's event – all of which can be viewed in full, including creative, here – with three advertisers awarded Silvers and five given Bronzes.

In launching its new 1 Series Convertible in Germany, Italy and the UK, BMW, the German automaker, sought to appeal to a younger, aspirational audience, and "renamed" 5,000 streets across Europe Sunset Boulevard, as well as using viral and above-the-line ads, to achieve this aim.

Dove, the beauty brand owned by Unilever, was looking to secure a leading status among women who were "past the first flush of youth", and thus promoted itself as a moisturiser that could fix damaged underarm skin rather than simply being another player in an already crowded market.

Nivea, the skincare brand, and Philips, the electronics giant, worked together to produce the Coolskin, an electric shaver for men with built-in moisturiser, as they tried to tackle the dominant player in the category, Gillette, in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.

Other Gold-winning entries included a campaign from Nespresso, the premium coffee range, featuring the actor George Clooney, and the launch of Halo 3 on Microsoft's Xbox.

Lenor Infusions' strategy of encouraging consumers in the UK and Ireland to "trade up" to a premium brand, and Barclays' formation of a single, identifiable wealth management brand, were similarly lauded by the judges.

BMW also took a Silver, for rebuilding its sports credentials among drivers with the 1 Series Coupé, as did Data sourced from WARC