Out goes the “staid and stale” 100-year-old logo at global ad network BBDO Worldwide and in comes the new 21st century motif (pictured left) symbolizing, according to chairman/ceo Allen Rosenshine, a brand that “has become the industry creative standard bearer over the past twenty years”.

Rosenshine believes the new design reinforces the prominence of the BBDO brand name and reflects “our position as a growing, leading creative communications company and to set us apart from our competition.”

The logo was created by Omnicom sibling Nolin Branding & Design and, like the proverbial horse/camel design, passed through the corporate mill of the creative committee of the BBDO Worldwide board and the BBDO Worldwide board of directors itself.

BBDO’s US-based shops will start to phase-in the new corporate identity immediately. It will be introduced in Europe in January and across the rest of the planet by August 2003.

Data sourced from: BrandRepublic (UK); additional content by WARC staff