Peter Mead, one of the three co-founders of Abbott Mead Vickers, the jewel in Britain's advertising agency crown and now part of BBDO, has quit his office in the shop’s London headquarters.

The departure follows rumours of a rift with BBDO's European chairman, Michael Baulk, due it is said to Mead’s part last month in channelling the £10 million Mercedes account into CDD, the creative shop launched in the summer of 2000 by an ex-AMV team. At the time of the breakaway, the fledgling was backed by Italy’s Armando Testa group which pulled its support in September. SDince when CDD has prudently returned to the Omnicom fold - albeit outside the AMV BBDO network.

BBDO insists that Mead’s exit “isn’t an eviction”, although an anonymous insider admits: “We were disgruntled over what happened but Mead was under no pressure to leave. It's just that, as an Omnicom vice-chairman, he has a role across a broader spectrum and there was a feeling that it made no sense for him to remain inextricably linked with AMV.”

Mead is now located in an unnamed Omnicom office elsewhere in London. It is untrue that this is sited adjacent to Tower Bridge and famed for its ravens and bloody history.

News source: BrandRepublic (UK)