Twenty million pounds of British licence-payers’ reluctantly extracted cash is to be invested in marketing new and existing digital TV channels by the publicly-owned British Broadcasting Corporation. Behind the move is the Beeb’s recently appointed marketing director, Andrew Duncan, who joined last year from Unilever.

He is concerned that the BBC is perceived by many of its audience as arrogant, navel-gazing and over-cautious, with a unilateral manner of communicating with its audience. This perception is particularly strong among downmarket, younger, ethnic and northern audiences.

Duncan’s task is to woo this disenchanted segment without alienating the BBC’s core audience of older, more upscale folk. The planned image makeover will hype the BBC’s growing digital output, including Cbeebies, a children’s daytime channel, and CBBC Digital, both of which go live February 11.

It is not known how the £20 million budget will breakdown by media spend, although a significant radio/TV/online crossplatform campaign is planned – presumably at little or no incremental expense.

News source: CampaignLive (UK)